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I currently work as a solutions architect in the economic division for the United States Department of Commerce, Census Bureau. My primary role is to design and build internal software to support economists and data scientists in the White House.

Previously, I worked for Capital One building internal crime investigation software. My role before that was with Caterpillar in designing and building the 4th generation OS for the earth moving division.

When I am not designing or coding software, I enjoy spending tine with my family. I also enjoy working on my teaching side project of UX Coding and writing music in my recording studio.

Now Reading

SVG Animations
SVG Animations
Sarah Drasner

This is an excellent book. It starts off going through understanding the viewBox and preserveAspectRatio. It then goes into teaching you how to animate SVG's with CSS.

One of the things I enjoyed about this book is that it covers animations without libraries. This is a really cool thing to do because we know that libraries come and go. Plus that they add on extra code when being placed into your application.

With that being said, the book does go into animating SVG's with GreenSock, React, and Mo.js also. So overall, if you at all like you and me are dealing with SVG animations. Then a book like this could be instrumental in understanding the mechanics underneath how SVG's animate.

Alex and Me

In-depth Q&A

Since you have made it this far down the page, it shows that you are interested in getting to know me deeper.

So let's do something different, a question and answer interview. These questions address my methods and processes in creating designs.

Whether you hire me as a UX/UI developer and knowing my working way will help you evaluate whether to hire me.

From the start of project to its end, What is your design process like?
Your a UX Designer, what made you want to learn how to code?
Tell us about a project that you're most proud of?