Where I work

I am currently working at the Caterpillar organization, building interfaces for the next generation of vehicles.

Where I live

My residence is in two places. My apartment in Peoria, Illinois and my house in Westfield, Indiana.

My Family

I have been married for almost fifteen years to my wife Mellissa Goff. We have a child Isabel Goff and a Shih Tzu dog Buckley Goff.

Now Reading

Articulating Design Decisions
Articulating Design Decisions
Tom Greever

I have mixed emotions on this book. It was released in October of 2015. In that year, this book would have really resonated with me. However it is the year 2019... things have really changed in the UX world. Communication is still very important and it always will be. However my role as a UX Designer is more focused now on development instead of design.

The idea of going to meetngs and spending a lot of time wireframing your designs... seems like something you would do in 2015. The UX world is all about components now. Wireframes are almost dead in a sense. You can use your reusable components and make the mockups faster. However communication is still vital and this book does a great job of bringing that back to the foreground of your mind.


In-depth Q&A

Since you have made it this far down the page, it shows that you are interested in getting to know me deeper.

So let's do something different, a question and answer interview. These questions address my methods and processes in creating designs.

Whether you hire me as a UX/UI Developer, knowing my way of working and technology stack will help you in evaluating whether to hire me.

From the start of project to it's end, What is your design process like?
Your a UX Designer, what made you want to learn how to code?
What is the best thing that you have learned in your career?